Find Root Cause Based Solution

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Customized Yoga & Therapeutic Sessions

Delivered In 3 Formats

Regular Classes

Personalized Learning & Customized Class based on Individual's Diagnosis, Requirements & Medical History.  

Events & Workshops

Specialized Yoga & Healing Methodologies are offered through our Regular Events and Workshops in different cities across India

Online Sessions

Can't visit the center or staying away? 
Choose to learn online yoga therapies with our step by step personal guidance and treat your health issue effectively.

What makes our Yoga Programs "one-of-a-kind" ?

​Any "Disease" or even "Weight Imbalance" can be permanently reversed and balanced if we identify & address its "Root Cause" at the level of 5 Elements (Pancha Tattvas). MyYogaPlan identifies the fundamental root pattern responsible for your current diseases and diseases your body is prone to in future, and address this root cause using specialized yogic practices, tailor-made based on the individual's diagnosis. 

How We Do It ?


         1. DIAGNOSIS

We will do your elaborate diagnosis and identify your imbalances at the level of your Pancha-Tattvas.



​​        2. CUSTOMIZED YOGA

On the basis of your diagnosis, we will design the complete yoga modules that our teacher will teach you, online or offline, whichever way preferred. 




We will provide you necessary Dietary Guidelines and Diet Plans based on Yogic Principles that can fit in your life seamlessly and also help you get the best benefits of what you learn from us. 



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 Tanya Kumar, 

 Founder MyYogaPlan 

About The Founder (Trainer)


Tanya Kumar, Founder of MyYogaPlan, is a Transformation Coach, trained in both traditional and academic disciplines of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Contemporary Wellness Coaching. Tanya has helped Government Ministries and more than a dozen of Companies reap the benefits of ancient yogic wisdom not just for health and wellness but also for frictionless business growth. 


Apart from this, Tanya has also helped Fashion Designers, CEOs of renowned companies and managers achieve their health goals using the power of Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound) and other branches of yoga-like Hatha Yoga & Bhakti Yoga.


Every minute spent with Tanya discussing my problems and getting the Yogic Solutions for them was worth it!

Pankaj Gulati, CEO & COO, Continental Device India Private Limited, New Del, (Corporate Participant)

I had been suffering from severe Migraine Pains post my delivery. Tanya helped me come out of it. I never thought Yoga could be so overwhelming inexperience, that too online (as I opted for online sessions). Tanya really made me look at Yoga a whole new way. 

Bani Johal, Make Up Artist, Birmingham,

United Kingdom, (Online Sessions Participant)

I got off my medications of Blood Pressure and Diabetes in 40 days of my regular sessions of what I learned from Tanya. Not just this, I also got off my addiction of smoking and drinking pretty easily with the help of the practices. Adding to all this, I also lost almost 10 Kilos. I am really happy about the overall tranformation.

Ramesh Sarthy, UK Ambassy

,New Delhi, (Regular Sessions Participant)



*We hate spam as much as you do which is why we’ll never share or sell your email
address with a third party.

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